Through the lands of Kiwis & Kangaroos by bike.

Kia Ora!

In October 2007 we started pedalling across Australia. The point of departure was Darwin,
and from there on the first week of December, almost 5,600 kms later we reached Sydney.

From Sydney we flew to Christchurch to cross the South Island of New Zealand. We changed our initial route and pedaled the whole South Island. This took us a lot more time as we thought (so beautiful landscapes and so tough mountains to climb on wheels...) therefore the plan to pedal on the North Island had to be changed... :( we rented a car in Wellington and reached Auckland almost 2000 kms later at the end of January 2008). 

On our trip across the Kangaroos territory we crossed several Aboriginals' territories and national parks. Kakadu, Uluru and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)... fantastic sacred places to bike!!. Before reaching Katherine

we received rewards from Life and help to survive a 5 months old Joey... we pulled him out from

his dead Wallaby mother's pouch.

On wheels we carried a message of freedom, peace, love, and the joy of life.

On the Kiwis territory we visited sacred mountains and lakes and we had a chance to be among Maori people. In Kaikoura we could see 3 Sperm Whales and the same day we swam with playful Fur Seals. The next day we swam with hundreds of Dusky Dolphins. NZ's devas and Mother Earth were with us all the time

On February one more dream is over for usand we are ready to share it with you. We are back at home here in Brelgium, and we will share with you our impressions after some weeks of hard work developing slides, selecting them and then scaning them, together with hundreds of digital beautiful photos. Be patient as it is simply a huge job to do it but you'll see patience is worthy. Come back in March and enjoy the gorgeous images we captured in the lands of Kiwis and Kangaroos

We all have dreams, some people will die taking those dreams along, backing up those beckoning excuses,
lying in the bottom of their unconquerable fears.
Some people will try and succeed to live for their dreams to come true, thus when they die

not even fear will be able to vanish the dream... because the dream became a memory plenty of life!


Once again we humbly thank the tapu Cosmic Forces: our dream came true.
Ngula Juku Papatuanuko!!!