KiwiKangas Claudia & Federico Bike Trips

Our trip crossing the lands of Kiwis & Kangaroos by bike.

In October 2007 we left Belgium and reached Brisbane, from there we cought a flight and reached Darwin, the point of departure for our KiwiKangas adventure: Almost 8500 kilometers on bike in 120 days. Far from trying to establish a Guiness record we simply love the fact that we had the opportunity to enjoy life and use our bodies with the help of our bikes in order to meet places, people, fauna, flora and ladscapes that were absolutely new for us.

Crossing the lands of Kangaroos.

In October 2007 we started pedaling from Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia. We reached the national park of Kakadu and then continue pedaling until Alice Springs from there we reached Uluru, the sacred monolith of Ayers Rock, as well The Olgas and King's Cannyon, then we continue dour trip until we reach Sydney, almost 5,500 kilometers in approximately 2 months, standing very hot temperatures between 40 and 55 celsius, without shadow most of the times, we carried with us lots of water, about 36 liters everyday, our bob trailer was a decissive tool here, extremely heavy and cumbersome, though. Filtering water and/or buying it was not necessary as we thought, the Aussies provide fresh drinkable water all along the Stuart Highway.

Crossing the lands of Kiwis by bike.

In December 2007 we started pedaling from Christchuch the capital of the New Zealand's South Island. The Kangaroos, koalas, eucalyptus trees, aboriginals and boomomerang remained behind, in our legs and in our unerasable memories. Only the magpies and 80 million possums crossed the Tasman Sea.
The land of Maoris and high peaks was there for us to see. We pedaled and made a U turn in Invercargill and from there to Te Anau on the opposite coast facing the Tasmanian Sea (map with route lacks precision, we'll replace it soon). We went all the way North until we reached the north tip of of the Sourth Island. Then we took the ferry and reached the North Island. From here Wellington we continued the last segment of our trip until we reached our final destiny, Auckland.

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