KiwiKangas Claudia & Federico Bike Trips


"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page "

-St. Augustine

Crossing the land of Kangaroos by bike.

In October 2nd, 2007 we arrived to Brisbane, Australia.Brisbane is a beautiful Queensland's city facing the biggest coral reef in the world, apparently bigger than Japan.

Blue skies and crystaline turquoise waters, we got ready for our encounter with the Australian outback and its 54 mts long Road-trains.

Darwin is a very peculiar city, located on the tip of the Northern Territory and facing the Indian Ocean, we can imagine Papua and New Guinea just in front of us... miles and miles away. Very close though (real as the palm trees) 5 or 6 meter long "Salties" swimming on Darwin's waters.

After getiing sort of acclimatized for the outback and the Tanami Desert we started pedaling heading towards the encounter of Crocs (both sweeties and salties as the Aussies call them) and magnificent Dreaming paintings on the Ubir cliffs and walls of Kakadu National Park. We cycled the whole area, the heat was a challenge every day... it was so hot that even one day we cycled at night, the first and the last time, too many risks on the highway: roadtrains or snakes and goanas scaping the flames from the traditionally manmade fires... what a heat, as if 50 celsius on the day were not enough to make us pay the consequences of our never-imagined mistake: pedal the Nother Territory in the Dry Season... what an adventure! We carried 26 liters of water every single day while crossing the Northern Territiory, thanks to the great idea of carryng a Bike Trailer we managed to be perfectly hydrated at all times, besides each of us carried 5 to 6 liters of water, as a whole in average each of us drank 9 or 10 liters per day...



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