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Crossing the land of Pasta, Nuraghi and Tarantella by bike .

In April 2006 we left Trento and started pedaling the Via Augusta along the Alto Adige on board of our hybrid bikes. At the beginning it was a flat ride, later on as we approached the Lago di Garda things would change, we were in the Gruppo del Baldo. Hundreds of kilometers ahead the impressive Apeninni would give us a steamy welcome. We left Trentino to enter the former Etruscan domain of Emilia Romagna.

Amazing medieval cities were on our path towards Toscana: Modena, Castel Bolognese, Bagno di Romana and Pistoia appeared at the end of an awaited fast descent, we were in the land of "Talians" and their marvelous cities full of history, colours and sensorial "feste": Firenze, Vinci, Prato, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, until we reached or final point to take the ferry and leave to Sardinia from Piombino.
A great adventure was waiting for us on our arrival to Olbia, the capital of the Nuragic peoples of Italia. Splendid polichromatic views and sunshine almost all the way , fantastic people and amazing cities on our way to Tonara, the highest point of the Island. We saw so many Nuraghe, stayed at cities like Sassari, Nuoro and Algheri. After 18 days around this magnificent place we returned to Lucca and leaving Toscana we pedalled all the way up untill we reached Lavis, our point of departure in Trentino.
1600 kilometers in our legs in four unforgettable weeks.

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